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Chris Jensen – Photographer and Drummer Chris began experimenting with photography after temporarily putting the drums away and receiving a BA in Graphic Design from Utah Technical College at Salt Lake. He inadvertently collected a bag full of cameras and lenses and soon found his new hobby extremely useful for his budding design career. In 1978 He opened his first graphic design/photography studio in Salt Lake City. Inspiration came early with a fascination of the works of Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Helmut Newton, Francesco Scuvullo, Arthur Elgort and other Fashion and portrait photographers of that time. Today Chris finds great inspiration from Annie Leibovitz, Mark Seliger, David Lachapelle and others. Lighting has always seemed the key for successful portraits. The 8 years of the Salt Lake City studio began in his 1 bedroom apt in an old 2 story house near downtown. Within the first year he expanded to include the other 1st floor apartment and soon after that moved his living quarters upstairs and the entire 1st floor became a studio space shared by another photographer/manager and hired freelance artists as needed. In 1983 Chris moved his studio into a 2600 sq. ft warehouse space which he built out to a nice commercial studio space with 2 large shooting bays, a darkroom, dressing room and offices. His clients during that time included ad agencies with accounts including Snowbird and Coca Cola. He shot for all the area talent agencies providing headshots and portfolios for models and actors. As Chris progressed in photography his love for rock & roll and association with area musicians seamlessly led him to being the photographer of choice for most of the bands and musicians working in Salt Lake City. Fast forward to mid ‘80’s when Chris was commissioned to shoot Ozzy Osbourne in his SLC studio. Later that same year Chris found himself in LA in a rented studio shooting Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck. Having had a fleeting taste of being an A-list rock photographer Chris decided to close up shop in Utah and head west to pursue the same. The first stop was Ventura…where he became “acclimatized”, decided to stay, and lives, shoots and surfs today.

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