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If you can think it, I can create it, for print or web, a roadside billboard or a Facebook banner ad. A logo, a package, a look and feel for your boutique, A printed catalog or a downloadable .pdf. A wine bottle label or a bus wrap...I got this!

When I signed up for college my field of study was called “Commercial Art” One of the artists my instructors admired most was Milton Glazer, he designed, among other things, the world's most recognizable logos including The Rolling Stones “Hot Lick” logo and the “I heart NY” graphic. Formidable New York ad agencies: J. Walter Thompson, Grey, McCann-Erickson, Young and Rubicon, BBDO and others provided the world with new cutting edge ads and ideas setting the standards of graphic design. If you’re a big Mad Men fan like me, you might recognize those names from the show’s scripts. I was close to the age of one Don Draper’s kids…I watched the world change fast in those years and design trends always seemed to set the pace.

Today, top New York agencies have sick names like Big Spaceship, Firstborn, B-Reel, AKQA, Dro5a, Huge, and Code and Theory. Personal computers and innovative software have opened up our world to endless possibilities in design. But with all the new “desktop publishers” today you might consider that us old timers might have an edge…design principles I was taught have fallen by the wayside. Those principles still have purpose. Design is subjective, yes, but if letterspacing is's just wrong. I will employ theory that young designers today might never knew existed and create art that will demand more attention, not getting lost in the vast sea of “Visual Communications”
…isn't that what the kids call it today?

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