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It’s absolutely mind boggling how accessible photography has become. Pictures from my iPhone would rival much of my early work. That being said, I’ll bet I can get better pictures from my iPhone than most. The immediacy of digital photography is wonderful for sure but it has created challenges for professional photographers who were weaned on film cameras to survive. We’ve had to advance the art to new levels to compete. I can say with confidence that having experience is incredibly valuable. Many new photographers will approach most assignments by taking a boat load of photos, watching them fly by on the little screen, hoping and expecting that there will be a few keepers…that can work…sometimes. I prefer a more deliberate approach, going for exactly what I want and then giving my client many choices of an already great image that was strictly intended and no happy accident. You’ve all become great photographers…so I have become an imagemaker, I will create the scene and setting, light it for just the right mood and effect. I will then use a capture that I get with my “really nice” digital camera as a starting point from which to edit, manipulate, and combine with other images to create the final spectacular product, be it a person, place or thing. Or if you just need 100 items shot on a white background I can do that too…reasonably priced and probably much better and faster than you and your friend put together. Please visit my wedding website if a wedding photographer is what you're after.

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