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  • When you read “Places” you might first think of architectural photography. Before I make a pitch for myself I suggest you visit Mr. Stephen (Schaf) Schafer’s website: Schaf’s work is impeccable. If you seriously want the best there is call him…and he’s a really nice, smart and funny guy.

    For my own gratuitous and unabashed self-promotion I will hereby state with pride that I’m an excellent choice for all types of environmental lifestyle photos, portraits and promotion. Interiors, exteriors with or without people (and pets) doing whatever cool people do in places such as Restaurants, Boutiques, Shops, Hotels, Malls, Trade Shows, Mansions, Homes, Ranches, Ranchitos, Real Estate, Fake Estate, Estate sales etc.

    I would be happy to provide you with recent or not so recent examples of my work that best aligns with your specific needs. If you have a million dollar property that you’re listing to sell. I can give you elegant and rich looking interior and exterior images…you’ll be closing escrow before you know it!

    For your entertainment on this site I am posting my snapshots from my various travels around the country and the world.
    I adore travel I wish I could do more…that being said, passport is current, I am oh so happy to come to to you!

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