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Packaging: With any packaging assignment I will always ask you to first consider the most eco-friendly opportunities for your design… to use the least amount of paper, even less plastic and hopefully no Styrofoam. Recycled paper options will be provided for you. If “padding” is needed there are counltess new, affordable, exciting and environmentally freindly options for you to choose from.

One might think of packaging as the box that something comes in…that’s true, that is indeed the basic form of package. And around the concept of box there are a host of options of ways to contain your product. Bags, Blisterpacks, Wrappers, Bottles, Tubes, Cases, Lables, Hang Tags, Jewel Cases, and others. You may need an "inner" package to hold your product, like a bottle, for example, if your product is perfume. An outer package to hold the bottle that will help sell the stuff that’s in the bottle inside. Then perhaps they’ll be another container (case) to hold a dozen of the boxes that hold the bottle that holds your perfume. That package might open up to make a nifty counter top display. Once people catch a whiff of your perfume your vendors will be ordering several cases at a time…maybe so they can have nifty displays in different places (point of purchase) in their stores. You can have Outer Packs that hold cases that, that hold the boxes, that hold the…well you know. These outer case will be ready for even the most enthusiastic FedEx and UPS driver to manhandle and still keep all the layers of your package pretty.

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